Hi God (It's Me Again)

Hi God (It's Me Again)

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Brew the coffee, wake the kids, get ready for work, do the dishes—the list is long. Sometimes we have so many things pulling for our attention that nothing actually gets our attention. We’re distracted, not present. Meanwhile, pressures mount, and all the things deep down rise to the surface…

• Can I manage all this?
• Will my life ever get any better?
• How can I be truly happy?
• God, where are you?

Hi God (It’s Me Again) is for those moments when we need to stop, be still, and remember who God is. We know we should go to God amidst the craziness, but how can we find the time? And once we get with him, what do we even say?

In this 60-day devotional, Pastor Nicole empowers readers with biblical affirmation, reminding them that God is in control of their chaos and has purpose in their pain. Sharing short and simple words of encouragement, she meets readers in the everyday and reminds them of the importance of spending quality time with God.


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