Goal Getters

Goal Getters

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Are you tired of just setting goals and ready to start getting your goals?

One of the first really ambitious goals I made was to retire (from the corporate world) by the age of 30. (Check.) I was financially able to walk away from technology sales and live my dream! Back then, I set big, bold, audacious goals and mapped out a precise plan to get there. It worked! Now, it’s become part of my daily routine. Today, as an author, conference speaker, television host and pastor, I’d like to walk you through my five-step plan to help you get exactly what you’ve always wanted! 

I want to teach you organizational strategies, how to create vision and become a prolific goal setter! I want to share some of my personal experiences with success and failure. But most of all, I want to reveal the recipe for the secret sauce that will take you from being a Goal Setter to an actual Goal Getter!

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